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13 [Inside Front Cover] Light-Emitting Diodes: Simultaneously Enhancing Light Extraction and Device Stability of Organic Light-Emit 관리자 2014-06-13 7799
12 [Cover Paper] Highly sensitive detection of cancer cells based on the DNA barcode assay and microcapillary electrophoretic analy 관리자 2014-06-17 8894
11 [Outside Back cover Paper]Site-specific immobilization of proteins on non-conventional substrates via solvent-free initiated che 관리자 2014-07-08 8818
10 [inside front cover] 관리자 2014-09-17 8307
9 [cover] Bio-inspired nanotadpoles with component-specific functionality," Journal of Materials Chemistry B 관리자 2014-09-17 7617
8 [Front Cover]Target-controlled formation of silver nanoclusters in abasic site-incorporated duplex DNA for label-free fluorescen 관리자 2014-09-26 8018
7 [inside front cover]Dual role of blue luminescent MoS2 quantum dots in fluorescence resonance energy transfer phenomenon 관리자 2014-10-22 7974
6 [Back Cover] Facile Photo-Crosslinking of Azide-Containing Hole-Transporting Polymers for Highly Efficient, Solution-Processed, 관리자 2014-10-28 8547
5 [Front Cover]New Platform for cytochrome P450 reaction combining in situ immobilization on biopolymer 관리자 2014-12-23 8619
4 [Cover Paper]Metabolic engineering of antibiotic factories: new tools for antibiotic production in actinomycetes 관리자 2014-12-29 8600
3 [Back cover] Cofactor-Free Light-Driven Whole-Cell Cytochrome P450 Catalysis 관리자 2015-01-15 8462
2 [Inside Back Cover]Robust Microfluidic Encapsulation of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals toward Photonic Ink Capsules 관리자 2015-01-28 9321
1 [frontispiece]Liquid-Impermeable Inverse Opals with Invariant Photonic Bandgap 관리자 2015-02-24 8981