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54 [Front Cover] Size-controlled gold nano-tetradecapods with tunable optical and electromagnetic properties 관리자 2016-05-11 7940
53 [Inside Front Cover] Metal ion triggers for reversible switching of DNA polymerase 관리자 2016-05-06 7714
52 Tuning selectivity of electrochemical reactions by atoomically dispersed platinum catalyst 관리자 2016-03-18 9695
51 [Inside Front Cover] Sustainable Redox Mediation for Lithium–Oxygen Batteries by a Composite Protective Layer on the Lithium-Met 관리자 2016-03-16 8861
50 [COVER PAGE] Illusionary polymerase activity triggered by metal ions: Use for molecular logic-gate operations 관리자 2011-08-25 9913
49 [COVER PAGE] Cell-Based Quantification of Homocysteine Utilizing Bioluminescent Escherichia coli Auxotrophs 관리자 2011-08-25 10424
48 [COVER PAGE] Investigation of the signaling mechanism and verification of the performance of an electrochemical real-time PCR sy 관리자 2011-08-25 9381
47 [COVER PAGE] Packing of Emulsion Droplets: Structural and Functional Motifs for Multi-Cored Microcapsules 관리자 2011-08-25 9819
46 [Frontispiece] High-Resolution Patterning of Various Large-Area, Highly Ordered Structural Motifs by Directional Photofluidizati 관리자 2011-08-25 7973
45 [Frontispiece] Deterministic Nanotexturing by Directional Photofluidization Lithography 관리자 2011-08-25 7370
44 [COVER PAGE] Label-free colorimetric detection of nucleic acids based on target-induced shielding action against the peroxidase 관리자 2011-08-25 7626
43 [INSIDE COVER] Microfluidic Multicolor Encoding of Microspheres with Nanoscopic Surface Complexity for Multiplex Immunoassays 관리자 2011-08-26 10409
42 Inside Cover: Robust Chirped Photonic Crystals Created by Controlled Colloidal Diffusion 관리자 2011-12-01 8944
41 [Nature Nanotechnology]Direct visualization of large-area graphene domains and boundaries by optical birefringency 관리자 2011-12-01 11592
40 [Inside Front Cover] DNA Sensors: Combing a Nanowire SERRS Sensors and a Target Recycling Reaction for Ultrasensitive and Multip 관리자 2011-12-26 10071
39 Inside Cover: A Touchscreen as a Biomolecule Detection Platform (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 3/2012) (page 560) 관리자 2012-02-02 9181
38 Cover Picture: Butanol production from renewable biomass: Rediscovery of metabolic pathways and metabolic engineering 관리자 2012-02-13 9249
37 Inside Back Cover: Controlled Origami Folding of Hydrogel Bilayers with Sustained Reversibility for Robust Microcarriers 관리자 2012-02-27 11301
36 Frontispiece: Monolithic, hierarchical surface reliefs by holographic photofluidization of azopolymer arrays: Direct visualizati 관리자 2012-03-09 11783
35 Back Cover: Controlled generation of submicron emulsion droplets via highly stable tip-streaming mode in microfluidic devices 관리자 2012-04-17 10343