The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) at KAIST has successfully
transformed itself into one of the best programs, not only in Korea, but also in the world.

Currently, it is thriving with undergraduate and graduate student bodies in its discipline with 26 full-time faculty members who are recognized as international leaders in their respective fields. During the last few decades, we saw the emergence of biotechnology and nanotechnology, which have now become integral components in our Department. Moreover, the rapid changes in society with artificial intelligence (AI) and the 4th industrial revolution have brought opportunities for significant ideas and innovative means to solve some of the most important issues. We look forward to growing in the future while staying true to the core ideas/concepts of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


    The Department strives to solve some of the most important pressing issues that face the entire humanity throughout the spectrum that ranges from the smallest atomic scales to large power plant sizes. From the core tenets of CBE, we seek to integrate new technology in an optimal manner to facilitate our research and educational development. More specifically, the Department aims to put together a world renowned top-10 CBE program. We envision that AI and the 4th industrial revolution, will continue to be one of the pressing yet opportunistic areas of study in various energy and environmental issues.

    • To teach students scientific phenomena at all length scales as well as fundamental and state-of-the-art engineering skills toefficiently and effectively solve problems.
    • To contribute to addressing major socio-technical issues, namely energy, environment, and healthcare, through the core approaches of the KAIST CBE Department and through collaborations with industrial partners and international institutes.
    • To foster the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as key characteristics of our faculty members and students.
    • To improve the international visibility by playing as a leading institute in the international environment.
    • To encourage all the department employees to advance their professional careers.