• [CBE Seminar] Prof. Daeyeon Lee (University of Pennsylvania) Dec. 12th, 14:30
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Please come and join the seminar. Find the details below.


◥ Speaker: Daeyeon Lee (University of Pennsylvania)

◥ ScheduleDec. 12th (Thu), 2:30PM

 Place: Seminar room 2 (#2105-2) @ W1-3 Bldg.

◥ Title: Large-scale production of microfluidic emulsions and particles via parallelization



The advent of microfluidics has led to remarkable advances in the synthesis of functional particles and microcapsules for a variety of applications. The ability to precisely manipulate the flow of multiphasic fluids in microchannels enable production of highly uniform liquid droplets and gas bubbles with complex morphology. Despite these exciting developments, there remains some key challenges that must be addressed to enable successful commercialization of these technologies.  In this talk, I will discuss our recent contributions in producing “designer” microparticles for drug delivery, diagnostics and regenerative medicine applications. The importance of understanding and harnessing the fundamental interfacial phenomena to engineer the structure and functionality of these particles will be described. I will also discuss our recent efforts to scale-up the production of particles via parallelization in solvent-resistant microfluidic devices.



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