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[inside front cover] Hye Soo Lee, Ju Hyeon Kim, Joon-Seok Lee, Jae Young Sim, Jung Yoon Seo, You-Kwan Oh, Seung-Man Yang, and Shin-Hyun Kim*, "Magnetoresponsive Discoidal Photonic Crystals towards Active Color Pigments," Advanced Materials, 26, 5801-5807 (2014).


Morpho butterflys show beautiful colors that arise from periodic nanostructures. Inspired by the butterfly, colloidal photonic crystals are designed to have a form of microdisks, which are then further rendered to be magnetoresponsive. S.-H. Kim and co-workers demonstrate that magnetic-field-controlled flipping of the photonic microdisks enables the switching of structural colors, thereby providing a photonic microdisk display.