Jay H. Lee (이재형)

KEPCO Chair Professor

    • Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 1991
    • B.S. University of Washington-Seattle, 1986
GitHub Repository
  • https://github.com/KAIST-LENSE
Research Interests
  • Machine Learning based Smart Manufacturing, Sustainable Process Modeling, Design and Analysis, CFD-aided Modeling and Analysis, Clean Energy System Design and Operation, Advanced Process Control
Selected Publications
  • “Early-stage evaluation of emerging CO2 utilization technologies at low Technology Readiness Levels”, Green Chemistry 2020
  • “The Carbon Footprint of Carbon Feedstock CO2”, Energy & Environmental Science 2020
  • “Operational planning and optimal sizing of microgrid considering multi-scale wind uncertainty” Applied Energy 2017, 195, 616
  • “Machine Learning: Overview of the Recent Progresses and Implications for the Process Systems Engineering field” Computers and Chemical Engineering 2018, 114, 111
  • “Multi-phase particle-in-cell coupled with population balance equation (MP-PIC-PBE) method for multiscale computational fluid dynamics simulation” Computers and Chemical Engineering 2020, 134, 106686