Hyun Gyu Park (박현규)


    • Ph.D. KAIST, 1996
    • M.S. KAIST, 1992
    • B.S. KAIST, 1990
Research Interests
  • Nucleic acid bioengineering, Microarray technology for genetic diagnosis, Electrochemical technology for genetic diagnosis, Genetic engineering & Nanobiotechnology for disease diagnostics
Selected Publications
  • “Diagnosis of HNF-1α mutations on a PNA zip- code microarray by single base extension” Nucleic Acids Research 2005, 33, e19
  • “Universal colorimetric detection of nucleic acids based on polydiacetylene (PDA) liposomes” Advanced Functional Materials 2008, 18, 701
  • “A polydiacetylene (PDA) microchip, based on a biotin-streptavidin (STA) interaction for the diagnosis of pathogen infections” Small 2008, 4, 1778
  • “An isothermal target and probe amplification (iTPA) method, based on a combination of an isothermal chain amplification (ICA) technique and a FRET cycling probe technology (CPT)” Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82, 5937
  • “Illusionary polymerase activity triggered by metal ions: use for molecular logic-gate operations” Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2010, 49, 9757