Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Program Overview

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is the only engineering field that connects “chemical science” and “nanoscience” to the existing field of chemical engineering, which is mainly concerned with the development of life sciences-related products/technology/information technology and energy-related technology, and with relevant academic fundamental technology. In an era of cooperative research with other academic subjects, the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering aims to nurture qualified life science engineers with practical knowledge of chemical science and nano science. Our achievements in research and education have been recognized domestically and internationally. 


The Department offers a four-year undergraduate program leading to the academic degree, Bachelor of Science. Rigorous design and selection of coursework provide undergraduate students with excellent opportunities to pursue wide variety of intellectual exploration. In addition, our students are encouraged to participate in research, in an endeavor to cultivate engineers ready to tackle important societal problems in creative ways. 

Our undergraduate educational program has currently had a change towards fortifying itself in order to discipline our students to develop more specialties in CBE. At the same time, a course guideline is provided to help students on long-term course planning, regarding the different field of students’ interest. Undergraduate students who enrolled in 2014 and after are required to take 21 credits of mandatory major courses and 20 credits of elective major courses. Students who enrolled in 2013 and before may comply to the graduation requirement of the year of admission, or can choose the current requirement.

Detailed coursework information is described in "Course Offerings"
Recommended Course Sequence : last updated 2016.09.13 

After graduation 

Our graduates are expected to be in charge of technical applications of chemical science and nanoscience in a wide variety of fields such as chemical engineering and electronic information related industries. Also, they will take leading roles in nanotechnology-related industries and energy and environment fields, the foundation of future industry.