Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Soft Materials(Polymer)

Impetus for the study of soft materials, specifically polymers, is derived from the active pursuit of flexible, light-weight, and inexpensive functional devices. Polymer has served as one of the main themes in chemical engineering and become one of the key ingredients for industry. Polymer extends from conventional rubber and plastic to medical, electronic, and energy applications. Polymer groups in the CBE at KAIST are extensively researching in sensors, polymer based solar cells, batteries, fuel-cells, polymer electroluminescence displays, liquid crystal displays, and various nanostructures of polymers fabricated by top-down and bottom-up approaches. Integration of polymer engineering and nanoscience takes us into a new sector in which a wide spectrum of research areas can extend their prospect, in efforts to address various challenges, such as energy crisis and health care.
Research Areas
Organic photovoltaics 
Secondary Batteries including lithium batteries and redox flow batteries
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Polymer electroluminescence displays 
Molecular Assembly
Nanopatterning technologies
Polymer nanocomposites and hybrid materials
Choi, Siyoung: Complex Fluids
Kim, Bumjoon: Polymer Nano Electronics
Kim, Hee Tak: Electrochemical energy devices
Park, O Ok: Polymer Nanomaterials
Sheng Li : Nanostructured Polymer