Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


The Biotechnology area seeks to apply chemical and biomolecular engineering principles to a broad range of scientific and technological applications using biological systems or bio-related materials, which cover the length scale ranging from molecules to production plants.
In this sense, Biotechnology research area is a cross-disciplinary field that allows creative and innovative collaboration within the Department or with researchers outside. Essential efforts entail the application of traditional and emerging engineering knowledge to understanding fundamental and complex systems of living organisms, e.g. metabolic engineering, and to addressing societal challenges, as in biofuel and fine chemical production. The expansion of research capabilities to the nano-scale materials or biodevices (such as DNA/protein chips and microneedles) has broadened the horizon of the Biotechnology research area.
Research Areas
Production of fine chemicals, biodegradable plastics and biofuels from renewable resources
Protein/antibody engineering and high level production in bacterial cultivation
Drug/gene/vaccine delivery using various biomedical tools
Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic/Systems biotechnology
Nucleic acid engineering, electrochemical technology for biosensing, POCT biosensors
Nanobiotechnology through BINT convergence - development of Nano-Bio devices including DNA/Protein Chip, Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip etc.
Chang, Yong Keun: BioSystems Engineering, Biorefinery
Jeong, Ki Jun: Protein Engineering, Systems Biotechnology
Kim, Yeu-Chun: Drug/Gene Delivery
Lee, Sang Yup: Metabolic Engineering, Systems Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Nanobiotechnology, Diagnostics
Park, Hyun Gyu: Nucleic acid engineering, electrochemical technology for biosensing, POCT biosensors
Kim, Yoo Sik: Bio Network Analysis