Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Jinwoo Lee(이진우)

KAIST Chair, Professor

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Doctor of Philosophy (March 2000 ~ August 2003)
School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University 
Advisor: Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon 
Thesis: Synthesis of Novel Mesoporous Carbons through Template Approaches

Master of Science (March 1998 ~ Feburary 2000)
School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University
Advisor: Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon
Thesis: Synthesis of New Mesoporous Carbons and Applications to Electrochemical Double Layer Cap acitor.

Bachelor of Science (March 1993~Feburary 1998)
Department of Chemical Technology (Applied Chemistry), College of Engineering, Seoul National University

Employment and Professional Experience
June 2008~ June 2018
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH

September 2005~ May 2008
Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Cornell Fuel-Cell Institute
Cornell University (Advisor: Prof. Ulrich Wiesner and Co-advisor: Prof. Francis J. DiSalvo)

September 2003 ~ August 2005
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Engineering Research Center, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Seoul National University (Advisor: Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon)

December 2003 ~ May 2004
Visiting Scientist at the Environmental Molecular Science Labaratory in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
 (Advisor: Dr. Jungbae Kim and Dr. Jay W. Grate)

Selected Publications
1. Multiscale Phase Separations for Hierarchically Ordered MAcr/Mesostructured Metal Oxides 
Adv. Mater. 2018, 30, 1703829
Changshin Jo, Jongkook Hwang, Won-Gwang Lim, JUn Lim, Kahyun Hur, Jinwoo Lee* 

2. Designing a Highly Active Metal-Free Oxygen Reduction Catalyst in Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Alkaline Fuel Cells: Effects of Pore Size and Doping-Site Position
Angew. Chemie. Inter. Ed. 2016, 54, 9230
Seonggyu Lee, Myounghoon Choun, Youngjin Ye, Jaeyoung Lee, Yeongdong Mun, Eunae Kang, Jongkook Hwang, Young-Ho Lee, Chae-Ho Shin, Seung-Hyeon Moon, Soo-Kil Kim, Eunsung Lee, Jinwoo Lee*

3. Direct access to thermally stable and highly crystalline mesoporous transition-metal oxides with uniform pores
Nature Materials. 2008, 7, 222
Jinwoo Lee, M. Christopher Orilall, Scott C. Warren, Marleen Kamperman, Francis J. DiSalvo, and Ulrich Wiesner*

4.Direct Access to Hierarchically-Porous Inorganic Oxide Materials with Three-Dimensionally Interconnected Networks
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 16066
Jongkook Hwang, Changshin Jo, Kahyun Hur, Jun Lim, Seongseop Kim, Jinwoo Lee*

5. TiO2 nanodisks designed for Li-ion batteries: a novel strategy for obtaining an ultrathin and high surface area anode material at the ice interface
Energy Environ. Sci. 2013, 6, 2932
Gonu Kim†, Changshin Jo†, Wooyul Kim, Jinyoung Chun, Jinwoo Lee*, Wonyong Choi*
Convergence of Energy & Nano Science Laboratory (CENS Lab.)

We focus on developing nano-materials engineeering and application for renewable energy devices. We synthesize nanostructured matreial such as ordered porous materials, nanoparticle, single atom catalysts, and apply these materials to energy devices such as CO2 reduction, fuel cell, and LIB.