Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Ji-Won Yang(양지원)



1981 - 1985       Ph.D.    NorthwesternUniversity, Chemical Engineering

1978 - 1980       M.S.      University ofToledo, Chemical Engineering

1969 - 1973       B.S.      Seoul NationalUniversity, Chemical Engineering



ProfessionalEmployment Record

2010 - Present    CEO, Advanced Biomass R&D Center

2006 - 2010       Vice President for External Affairs, KAIST

2003 - 2004       Dean, Department of Biological & Chemical Engineering,KAIST

2001 - 2003       President, KAIST Faculty Council

1995 - 1996       Chairman, Interdisciplinary Program for EnvironmentalEngineering, KAIST

1993 - 1996       Consultant, Daesang Central Research Institute, Korea

1988 - 1989       Dean, School of Mechanical & Material Engineering, KAIST

1986 - Present    Faculty member: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, FullProfessor, KAIST

1985 - 1986       Post-Doctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, USA

1977 - 1978       Field Engineer, Howell Hydrocarbons Inc., USA

1977 - 1977       Manager, Dong-Yung Industrial Company, LTD, Korea   

1975 - 1977       Researcher, Agency for Defense Development, Korea

1973 - 1975       Science Officer, Agency for DefenseDevelopment, Korea



ProfessionalService Activities

2011 - present  Governor, Converging Science and Art, Korea

2009 - 2010        Co-Chairman, Committee on Green Growth of Daejeon, Korea

2008 - 2010    Member, Nonexecutive DirectorsRecommendation Committee, Hanwha, Korea

2008 - 2010        Representative, Green Growth Forum in Deajeon, Korea

2006 - 2008        Judging Panel, Kyung-Ahm Education & Culture FoundationAward, Korea

2005 - 2007        Judging Panel, Cosmetic Review Board in Korea Food & DrugAdministration, Korea

2005 - 2006        Member, Research Development Evaluation Committee, NationalScience & Technology Commission, Korea

2005 - 2006        Member, Science & Technology Policy Institute, Korea

2005 - 2006        President, Science & Technology Patent Forum, Korea

2005 - 2006        Member, Presidential Advisory Council on Science &Technology, Korea

2004 - 2006        Member, Environmental Technology Deliberation Committee,Korea Environment Corporation, Korea

2002 - 2003        Judging Panel, Dupont Science & Technology Award

2000 - 2004        Editor in Chief, Korean Society of Soil and GroundwaterEnvironment, Korea

2000 - 2004        Director, Nationwide Campaign Headquarters of Patent CourtPromotion, Korea

2000 - 2002        President, Council of CO2 Separation Technology,Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Korea

2000 - 2002        Expert Advisor, Chemical Engineering, National ResearchFoundation of Korea, Korea

2000 - 2002       Director, Korean Research Council of Public Science &Technology, Korea

2000 - 2001       President, The Korean Society for Biotechnology andBioengineering, Korea

2000 - 2000        Member, Evaluation Committee, Korea Research Council ofFundamental Science & Technology, Korea

1999 - 1999        Chairman, National R&D Program Evaluation Committee inNational Science & Technology Commission, Korea

1999 - 2000        Vice-Chairman, Standing Commission on Citizens’ Coalition forEconomic Justice, Korea

1998 - 2004       Representative, Green Consumer Network, Korea

1998 - 2002        Representative, Standing Commission on Citizens’ Coalitionfor Economic Justice in Daejeon, Korea

1996 - 2000       Vice president, National ScientificTechnology and Patent Forum, Korea

1995 - 2000       Panel, KT evaluation committee of KoreaIndustrial Technology Association,

1995 - 1999       Member, Citizens’ Life and EnvironmentConference in Daejeon, Korea

1992 - 1995       First Chairman, NationalScience & Technology Commission, Korea

1988 - 1990        Consulting Professor, Korea Institute of Energy Research



Invitedtalks at Conferences and Lectures

BioenergyKorea Conference 2013 International Symposium, Jeju, Korea (2013)

InternationalSymposium on Energy Technology & Strategy, Tainan, Taiwan (2013)

1thKorea-JapanMicroalgae Symposium2013, Daejeon, Korea (2013)

7thAlgae Biomass Summit, Florida, USA (2013)

KoreanAlgal Society Conference 2013, Daejeon, Korea (2013)

AsiaPacific Clean Energy Summit, Honolulu, USA(2013)

9thWorld Congress of Chemical Engineering 2013, Seoul, Korea (2013)

US-KOREAConference2013, New Jersey, USA (2013)

KSBB2013and International Symposium, Gwangju,Korea (2013)

InternationalConference on Environment 2012, Penang, Malaysia (2012)

Committeeon Green Growth, Daejeon, Korea (2012)

TheKorea Society of Phycology, Gangneung, Korea (2012)

15thInternational Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition, Daegu, Korea (2012)

2ndAsia-Oceania Algae Innovation Summit, Bangkok, Thailand (2012)

2ndAlgal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts (ABBB), San Diego, USA (2012)

Scienceand Technology Forum, Daejeon, Korea (2012)

S-OilKAIST Workshop, Daejeon, Korea (2012)

The10th Anniversary Korea/Japan International Symposium on ResourcesRecycling and Materials Science, Daejeon, Korea (2012)

Education Lecture on Bioenergy, Daejeon,Korea (2012)

2012 International Symposium on Microalgal Biofuel fromWastewater (ISMBW), Seoul, Korea (2012)

International Symposium for 20thAnniversary of World Water Day 2012, Seoul, Korea (2012)

Algae Industry Incubation Consortium JapanInternational Seminar, Tsukuba, Japan (2012)

The 2nd i-BioP Asian Symposium, Pohang,Korea (2011)

NewHorizons in Biotechnology (NHBT-2011), Trivandrum, India (2011)

4thAlgae World Asia, Beijing, China (2011)

KAIST-DTUEnergy, Environment, Water & Sustainability Workshop, KAIST, Korea (2011)

The6th Asian Pacific Phycological Forum, Yeosu, Korea (2011)

9thJapan/Korea International Symposium, Osaka, Japan (2011)

3rdAnnual Algae World Summit 2011, San Diego, USA (2011)

BioenergyKorea Conference 2011 International Symposium, Gwangju, Korea (2011)

The 1st International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels& Bioproducts, St. Louis, USA (2011)

The1st Asia-Oceania Algae Innovation Summit, Tsukuba, Japan (2010)

The4th Japan-Korea Biomass Symposium, Kyoto, Japan (2010)

The9th Symposium on Electrokinetic Remediation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2010)

The27th International Association of Science Parks, Daejeon, Korea (2010)

CEOLecture on Green Growth and Environment, National Academy Engineering of Korea(2010)

EducationLecture on Green Growth and Environment, National Statistical Office, Korea(2010)

The7th Japan/Korea International Symposium on Resources Recycling and MaterialsScience, Kyoto, Japan (2009)

The5th Yellow Sea Rim University President’s Forum for University-Industry-GovernmentCooperation, Yantai, China (2009)

EducationLecture on Green Growth and Environment, Korea Customs Service (2009)

EducationLecture on Green Growth and Environment, Daejeon City, Korea (2009)

EducationLecture on Green Growth and Environment, Incheon Center, Korea (2009)

EducationLecture on Green Growth and Environment, National Tax Service, Korea (2009)

2007Korean Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment Spring Meeting, Gangneung,Korea (2007)

KAIST-BASTHigh-Tech Biz Forum 2006, Capital bibliotheca exhibition hall, Beijing, China(2006)

2004Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Spring Meeting &International Symposium, Daegu, Korea (2004)

AnnualMeeting of Chinese Society of Biotechnology, Beijing, China (2001)

TheSociety for Bioscience and Bioengineering, Japan (1999)

The2nd International Symposium on Advanced Environmental Monitoring, Kwangju,Korea (1999)

Proceedingsof 4th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar in Powder Technology, Daejeon, Korea (1991)


EditoroalBoards of Scientific and Scholarly Jouanal

Algal research

The Scientific World Journal


ProfessionalAssociation Membership

Korea Society of Phycology

Electrokinetic Remediation (EREM) Society

Korean Society of Soil and GroundwaterEnvironment

Korean Society of Environmental Engineers

The Korean Society for Biotechnology andBioengineering

Korean Society of Waste Management

Korean Society of Environmental Engineers

The Korean Society of Microbiology andBiotechnology

Korea Institute of Chemical Engineers

The Korean Society for Biotechnology andBioengineering

Korean Nuclear Society

American Institute of Chemical Engineer

International Electrokinetic RemediationResearch Group

American Water Works Association

Water Environment Federation

International Association of Water Quality



Awardsand Honors

The Prime Minister citation,Ministry of Public Administration and Security (2013)

Excellentscientific Paper Award, The Korean Federation of Science and TechnologySocieties (2011)

AchievementAward, KAIST (2011)

Scienceand Technology Advancement Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(2009)

ExcellentPaper Award, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers (2004)

Excellentscientific Paper Award, The Korean Federation of Science and TechnologySocieties (2004)

AchievementAward, Korean Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment (2004)

Achievement Award, The KoreanSociety for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2003)

InventionPromotion Award, Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business (1995)

KPAAPresident Award, Korea Patent Attorneys Association (1995)

Research Areas

Biofuel and Biomaterials from Biomass

Developmentof microalgal strains with high lipid content through genetic engineering

High density cultivation of microalgae using photobioreactor

Biological waste water treatment using microalgae

Microalgal harvest, lipid extraction, and transesterification