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About the Lab

Systems Biology and Medicine Laboratory

Research at SBML is mainly concerned with facilitating drug discovery/development and improving individual’s health using systems biology approaches. Representative studies include:

  1. Constructing biological network models (metabolism, signaling and transcriptional regulations) of medically important biological systems for better understanding and engineering. Relevant target systems include (both normal and diseased) human cells, microbial pathogens and natural product-producing microorganisms.
  2. Predicting effective drug targets for both infectious and chronic diseases using biological network models.
  3. Developing data-driven platform technologies that help facilitate drug discovery/development and improve individual’s health.

To better understand and engineer a biological network, we use a wide range of systems biology approaches, including, but not limited to, genome-scale metabolic modeling, machine learning, bioinformatics, cheminformatics and software development technologies. Large-scale biological datasets serve as important inputs to our strategies. We also have an extensive research collaboration network to achieve our research objective.


This research field corresponds to biotechnology, systems biology, systems medicine and systems healthcare.




Hyun Uk Kim (김현욱)

Assistant Professor

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ProfessorHyun Uk Kim


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