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Multidimensional Molecular Materials Laboratory

MMML focuses on the design and engineering of energy-efficient molecular separation and advanced thermodynamic processes. Industrial separation processes constitute 10 – 15% of the worldwide energy demand, due to the predominant utilization of thermal separation methods such as distillation. MMML is developing new generations of the advanced separation devices and thermodynamic processes that will enable chemical engineers to debottleneck current thermally-driven chemical processes.Fundamental understanding of the meso-/nano-scale interaction between host platforms (e.g., 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D ordered/disordered molecular frameworks) and guest species(e.g., petrochemicals, bio-chemicals, pharmaceuticals) will be a critical step towards revolutionizing current energy-intensive chemical processes. Multidimensional materials including 0D (discrete microporous cages and clusters), 1D(nanofibers), 2D (nanosheets), and 3D (flexible nanoporous frameworks) materials will be extensively utilized in producing scalable separation devices based on multi layer hollow fiber systems. The overarching objectives ofMMML are to (i) seek for reasonable explanations of host-guest molecular interaction in terms of heat (enthalpy) and order (entropy), (ii) connect molecular-level understanding to scalable devices or processes, and (iii) revolutionize current energy-intensive chemical processes.





Dong-Yeun Koh (고동연)

Assistant Professor

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ProfessorDong-Yeon Koh


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