Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

About the Lab

Multiphase Complex Fluids Laboratory

Our primary interests are

Transport phenomena at/across/near fluids interfaces

Flow behavior of complex fluids with large interfaces


We are interested in various dynamic processes of multiphase complex fluids. In particular, we focus on systems that contains high level of fluid/fluid interfaces (multiphase complex fluids), where a lot of interesting and important sciences occur. By learning this dynamic process, one can contribute to a wide range of applications from oil industry to biotechnology. We now work in various problems for applications including enhanced oil recovery, particle separation for urban mining, and skin care products for atopy. Current ongoing/possible projects (applications) are


Fluid/Fluid Interfaces

1. Bilayers (Skin care product for atopy)

· A new technique for model lipid/polymeric bilayers

· Transport of small molecules across lipid/polymeric bilayers

· Interaction and dynamics of (large) molecules with lipid/polymeric bilayer

· Rheology of lipid bilayers + polymer complex


2. Monolayers (Emulsion and foam stability)

· Coating / adhesive process

· Dilatational viscoelasticity for emulsion/foam stability

· Intermixing lipid/polymeric layers

· Rheology and phase behavior of polymeric nanoparticles

· Visualization of surfactant adsorption and desorption


Flow behavior of complex fluids

1. Flow behavior of complex fluids in porous media

· 3D Flow visualization of viscoelastic fluids in porous media

· Capillary flow with complex fluids

· A new technique for extensional rheology


2. High interfacial materials

· Large scale synthesis of high internal phase emulsion (HIPE)

· Controlling properties and processing of HIPE

· Porous material synthesis from recycled materials

· High internal phase emulsion(HIPE) of liquid crystals





ProfessorChoi Siyoung


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