Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


[세미나] Integrated fluidics for biosystems and engineering (10월 4일 (화) 오후 2시, Dr. Sung Sik Lee)

시간: 10 4 () 오후 2

장소: 양승만 세미나실 (1세미나실)

연사: Dr. Sung Sik Lee (ETH Zurich)

제목: Integrated fluidics for biosystems and engineering


To understand the complex biological systems, it is essential to integrate biology with multidisciplinary science and engineering (e.g. micro/nanofluidics, optics, rheology, soft matter and quantitative assays). Here, I will present a few examples of the integrated fluidic platforms for studying aging, cell signaling network, mechano transduction and single cell/particle handling/sorting.

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