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첫수 융합포럼 개최안내[The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum] - 12/7(수) 전기및전자공학과(E3-2), 2201호, 12:00~

첫수 융합포럼 개최 안내

                                            The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum


전기및전자공학과와 의과학대학원에서 공동으로 주관하는12월 첫수 융합포럼에 여러분을 초대합니다.

Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering would like to invite you to

"The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum on December 7th.


Topic 1) From NeuroImaging to Neuro-Robotics

Topic 2) Cell-to-Cell Communication Devices


일시: 2011 12 7() 12:00

Date: December 7th(Wed.), 12:00


장소: 전기및전자공학과(E3-2), 2201

Venue: Wooribyul Seminar Room 2201, Electrical Engineering Bldg. (E3-2)


연사: 김대식 교수(전기및전자공학과), 김준 교수(의과학대학원)

Speaker: Prof. Dae-Shik Kim (Dept. of Electrical Engineering)

        Prof. Joon Kim (Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering)


(발표1) From NeuroImaging to Neuro-Robotics

The brain is arguably one of the most complex and densely packed, yet highly efficient information processing systems known. It is also the seat of sensory perception, motor coordination, memory, and creativity in short, what makes us humans to humans. There are fascinating complementarities between human brains and artificial information processing systems created by humans: what appears to be challenging for us, seems easy for computers, while highly demanding problems for computers and robots such as face recognition and smooth locomotion are mastered without much difficulties by humans. In the present talk I will first review some of the recent neuro-imaging studies elucidating the functional and connectivity architecture of the mammalian brains. I will then try to convince you that time is ripe for communication engineers, circuit designers, and roboticists to join with brain scientists to start reverse engineering the whole brain, which in turn will lay ground for new generations of truly disruptive neuroengineering applications.


(발표2) Cell-to-Cell Communication Devices

Cells in our body must communicate in order to organize themselves into a complex society. Cells utilize highly evolved communication devices: both wired and wireless. Malfunction of the devices lead to various types of system failures, which are collectively called disease. Developing new technologies for monitoring cell-to-cell communication will be critical for the next-generation healthcare.


간단한 점심식사를 준비할 예정입니다.

Refreshments will be served for free.


관련 문의 / Inquiry:

전기및전자공학과 / EE Chae Bin, Song (T.3403),

의과학대학원 / Jaekyung, Lee (T.4232),


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