Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


[Seminar] March 29, Dr. Woo-Jae Chung, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


나노과학기술대학원에서는 정우재 박사 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)  세미나를 개최하오니 관심 있는 교수님들과 대학원생들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.


2012 GSNT Seminar will be held as below. We'd appreciate it if you could attend.


던킨도너츠와 커피가 준비됩니다 .


Dunkin Donuts and Coffee will be served for free!



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  1. Date : 13:00-14:00, March 29 (Thu), 2012


   2. Venue : KI Bldg.(E4), Lecture room G (4th Floor)


  3. Speaker : 정 우 재 박사 (Dr. Woo-Jae Chung, LBNL)


  4. Title : Directed Evolution and Self-Templating: A Biomimetic Approach to Synthesis


              of Biological and Optical Materials



  * Please refer to the abstract, attached file.




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