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[신소재공학과] Self-assembled Nucleic Acid Microsponges for Efficient siRNA and ODN Delivery


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제 목 : Self-assembled Nucleic Acid Microsponges for Efficient siRNA and ODN Delivery

연 사 : 이종범 교수
서울시립대학교 화학공학과)

일 시 : 2012. 9. 26() 16:00  


장 소 : KI Building Lecture Room B (3th Floor)



▣ 발표내용요약(Abstract)


The safe and effective delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a critical and challenging issue that impacts clinical translation of RNA as a therapeutic.  To date, several delivery strategies have been investigated that involve encapsulation of siRNA using lipid nanoparticles, cationic complexes, inorganic nanoparticles, nanostructures and dendrimers.  Despite these advances, the development of an appropriate delivery system is still a crucial issue, along with the instability of RNA and relatively ineffectual encapsulation process of siRNA for real medical applications.  Here we report a new materials concept that combines carrier and cargo: RNAi polymers that essentially assemble to form their own means of delivery an RNA interference (RNAi) microsponge that consists entirely of cleavable RNA strands.  A new method for creating polymerized RNA is used to generate pre-programmed polymeric RNA sequences that spontaneously assemble into nanoscale pleated sheets that form a sponge-like microsphere.  The RNAi-microsponge is processed by the cells RNA machinery to convert the RNA polymer from stable hairpin RNA to siRNA only after cellular uptake, thus inherently providing protection for the siRNA in the hairpin form during delivery and transport to the cytoplasm.  Over a half million copies of siRNA can be delivered to a cell with the uptake of a single RNAi-microsponge.



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