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[세미나] 3월 14일, 15일 초청 세미나 안내: LANL 배완기 박사, 기계연구원 정소희 박사



이도창 교수님 랩에서 3 14, 15일 양일 간 아래와 같이 초청세미나를 개최합니다.


관심 있는 분들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.



- 제목반도체 나노입자 구조 제어를 통한 엑시톤 동역학 제어 연구 및 이의 광전 소자로의 응용

- 연사: 배완기 박사, Los Alamos National Lab

- 일시: 3 14() 오후 3

- 장소: 응용공학동 제1세미나실(1101)

- 초록:

Structural Engineering for Controlling Exciton Dynamics in Nanocrystal Quntum Dots

Nanocrystal quantum dots (NQDs) have attracted keen attention due to their unique optical and electrical properties, which are beneficial to various advanced optoelectronic applications, including high-performance light-emitting diodes, low threshold lasers and gen-III photovoltaics enabled by carrier multiplication. In this talk, I will present recent efforts and progress on the structural engineering of NQDs to control the single- or multi-exciton dynamics. Firstly, the synthesis of core/shell structured NQDs with chemical composition gradient, which enable efficient radiative single-exciton recombination, will be presented. Secondly, the influence of structural formulation (i.e., size, shape, composition and the interface layers) of NQDs on the multiexciton dynamics (i.e., the suppression of Auger recombination or the enhancement of carrier multiplication) will be presented. At the end of this talk, I will also introduce the optoelectrical application of these exciton engineered NQDs.





- 제목: Assembled quantum dot solids for energy applications

- 연사: 기계연구원 정소희 선임연구원

- 일시: 3 15() 오전 11

- 장소: 응용공학동 2122

- 초록:

A noticeable photoconversion efficiency of nanocrystal quantum dot solar cells has been achieved very recently, more than 7% (Ip et al., Nature Nanotechnology 2012). Understanding and controlling the carrier transport in quantum dot solids (QDS) is crucial for further improvement in efficiency.

Based on the microscopic understanding of the surface properties of nanocrystal quantum dots, we created an assembled quantum dot structures with enhanced conductivity. Further, a few fundamental aspects of efficient nanocrystal quantum dots-based photovoltaics will be discussed.




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