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[생명과학과-지식서비스공학과] 5월 첫수융합포럼 안내 The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum, May 8, 2013


첫수 융합포럼 개최 안내

The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum



생명과학과  지식서비스공학과가 공동으로 주관하는 5월 첫수 융합포럼에 여러분을 초대합니다.


Department of Biological Sciences and Department of Knowledge Service Engineering would like to invite faculty members and students to "The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum on May 8(Wed), 2013.


일시 : 2013. 5. 8() 12:00

    Date : May 8(Wed) 12:00 


장소 : 창의학습관(E11) 101

    Venue : Room #101, Creative Learning Bldg. (#E11)


연사 및 발표 주제

학과명 Dept.

연사 Speaker

발표 주제 Topic to present


Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST

한진희 교수

Prof. Jin-Hee Han

Optogenetic writing and retrieving an

   associative memory in mouse brain


Department of Knowledge Service Engineering, KAIST

Aviv Segev 교수

Prof. Aviv Segev

Perspectives of Knowledge Formation

   and Information Retrieval





The lateral amygdala (LA) has been proposed as a critical site for fear memory storage and, long-term potentiation (LTP) at LA synapses induced by fear conditioning has been thought to be the cellular mechanism underlying fear memory formation. However, similar synaptic changes are also observed in upstream areas, such as the medial geniculate nucleus (MGN) and auditory cortex (AC), raising the critical question of where the fear memory is actually formed and stored. Here we used optogenetic approach to determine if direct stimulation of the presynaptic auditory projections in the LA can serve as a conditioned stimulus (CS) that, when paired with a foot shock unconditioned stimulus (US), can drive fear conditioning. Mice were injected with AAV-ChR2 in the two main auditory pathways to LA, MGN and AC, sending auditory information into the LA during auditory fear conditioning. Optical photostimulation was used to activate ChR2-expressing presynaptic axons in the LA as a CS for fear conditioning. 24 hours later, the same optogenetic CS produced robust freezing responses while control mice injected with AAV-GFP did not. In parallel, we also examined LTP induction in LA slices with ChR2 expression in MGN and AC projections to LA neurons. Whole-cell patch recording showed that pairing photo-stimulation (3 Hz) of auditory projections in LA with postsynaptic current injection produced strong LTP at LA synapses. Our data provide compelling evidence that fear memory can be formed in the LA synapses independent of the activity of upstream areas delivering auditory information and LTP at the LA synapses may underlie fear memory formation.


   The world today is characterized by too much knowledge. With so much knowledge readily accessible, the question is:

what can we do with it. The task at-hand therefore is how to extract and organize the knowledge so that it can be deployed effectively as services. Methods of large scale knowledge manipulation can be applied in fields such as web services, multilingual patent extraction, and trend analysis from patents and from academic publications based on social network methods. 


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     Refreshments will be served for free.


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