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[EEWS대학원-전기및전자공학과] 6월 첫수융합포럼 안내 The First Wednesday Multidisciplinary Forum, June 5, 2013



첫수 융합포럼 개최 안내

First Wednesdays Forum on Multidisciplinary



EEWS대학원과 전기및전자공학과가 공동으로 주관하는 6 첫수융합포럼에 여러분을 초대합니다!

Graduate School of EEWS and Department of Electrical Engineering invite you to "First Wednesdays Forum on Multidisciplinaryon June 5th.


일시: 2013 6 5() 12:00, Date: June 5th, 12:00, 2013

장소: 창의학습관(E11) 101, Venue: Room 101, Creative Learning Bldg. (E11)

Topic: Biomimetics inspired by nature for multi-functional devices and Energy Storage

Speaker:Yang-Kyu Choi (Electrical Engineering) & Jang Wook Choi (Graduate School of EEWS)



    As for multi-functional devices, Nano-fabrication technology has driven microelectronics by miniaturization. It is timely to exploit new applications by use of the nano-fabrication technology. As an example, biomimetics, which is a study of a structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials and devices, has attracted considerable attention from various research fields. The nano-fabrication technology was utilized to mimic the lotus leaf, which shows hydrophobicity and extremely low wettability. Such artificially human-made surface was applied to make self-cleanable solar cell, anti-foggy glasses, anti-blood-coagulation surface for an implantable medical device, anti-bacterial surface, etc. By imitating feet of a gecko lizard, vertically standing silicon nanowires were fabricated thus they can be used as an energy harvesting device using piezoelectricity. Additionally, this mimicry technology to imitate nature was further developed to copy or duplicate nature itself. A cube sugar was utilized to make porous PDMS sponge, which can separate water and oil due to the hydrophobicity and oleophilicity. Thus it can serve to clean oil spills in a marine environment. And by intercalation of piezoelectric material into the pores of the PDMS sponge, another piezoelectric device was fabricated for energy harvesting. As a consequence, the biomimetics inspired by nature can pave a new way in exploration of novel and multi-functional devices.

    As for energy storage devices, as lithium ion batteries are expanding their applications beyond mobile electronic devices toward green vehicles and stationary utility grids, their performance regarding energy density, power capability, lifetime, and safety are on demand to improve further. Inspired by mussels exceptional wet-resistant holdfast onto versatile substrates, in the second half, Prof. Choi will introduce modified separators and binders that play critical roles in the performance of lithium ion batteries. The exceptional adhesion properties enhance various cell properties: 1) power performance in general lithium ion batteries, 2) cycle life of lithium metal anodes, 3) cycle life and capacity of nano-Si anodes. This series of mussel-inspired materials suggest that various bio-inspired materials with exceptional properties can contribute to improvement of battery performance.


간단한 점심식사를 준비할 예정입니다(Refreshments will be served for free).


관련문의 / Inquiry

    전기및전자공학과 송채빈(Department of Electrical Engineering, Chae-Bin Song) Ext.3403,

    EEWS대학원 장재근(Graduate School of EEWS, Jaegeun Jang) Ext. 1705,


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