Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


[신소재공학과] 10.23.수, AM 11:00, KI Building Lecture Room B, 연사 : Prof. Ivo Safarik/Academy of Sciences Czech Republic(ASCR))

제목 : Magnetic nano- and microparticles in biosciences, biotechnology and environmental technology


연사 : Professor Ivo Safarik (Department of Nanobiotechnology Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology GCRC Academy of Sciences Czech Republic)


초청 : CNiT(Center for Nature-inspired Technology)


일시 : 2013. 10. 23 ()  AM 11:00


장소 : KI Building Lecture Room B (3th Floor)  


▣ 발표내용 요약(Abstract)

Magnetic nano- and microparticles have found many interesting applications in various areas of biosciences, medicine, biotechnology and environmental technology. The review talk will focus on two important topics, namely:

 - presence and importance of magnetic particles in living organisms (starting with magnetotactic bacteria up to human beings)

- use of magnetic nano- and microparticles (both synthetic and biogenic) in various bioapplications (e.g., their efficient separation from complex samples; targeting to the desired area; heat formation in alternative gnetic field; increasing of contrast during magnetic resonance imaging; magnetic labeling of biologically active compounds; magnetic drug targeting; magnetization of biogenic, organic and inorganic diamagnetic aterials; hardening of biological structures; xenobiotics removal etc).

At the end of the talk examples of non-traditional applications of magnetic particles and materials will be shown.



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