Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


The 3rd KAIST Young Chemist Symposium/1.24(Fri.) 2PM




국내 화학분야 신진과학자와의 연구교류 활성화를 위하여 출발한 KAIST Young Chemists Symposium이 올해로 3회를 맞이하였습니다.

이번 심포지엄은 무기분야를 주제로 진행합니다.

관심 있는 분들의 많은 참석바랍니다.


-화학과 행정팀 황미경 드림-



                       The 3rd KAIST Young Chemist Symposium



Subject : Inorganic Chemistry

Date : 2014. 1. 24 (Fri)

Venue : # 3130, Department of Chemistry (E6-4), KAIST

Program (35 min presentation & 10 min discussion for each talk)

Contact : 화학과 김우연 (T.2815)

12:00 14:00


14:00 14:10

Opening Remark


Session 1: 좌장 송현준

14:10 14:55

이윤호 (KAIST)

Properties of the low valent 1st-row transition metal complexes

14:55 15:40

문회리 (UNIST)

From Coordination Chemistry to Nanochemistry: Transformation of Metal-Organic Frameworks into Functional Nanomaterials

15:40 16:00

Coffee Break


Session 2: 좌장 한상우

16:00 16:45

황성필 (명지대)

Is there any room available for Electrochemistry?

16:45 17:30

이진석 (숙명여대)

Chemical Reactions on Surfaces: Fabrication of Nanostructured Surfaces and Their Applications

17:30 17:40

Closing Remark and Photo Session

18:00 20:00

Dinner (KAIST Faculty Club)







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