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[특별세미나] Dr. Daniel Recht, 5월 8일(목), 오후 4시, #1101


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연사 : Dr. Daniel Recht (Leader of the Emerging Markets and Technologies Team, OCI)

일시 : 2014. 5. 8() 16:00

장소 : 생명화공 1101 (1세미나실)

문의 : 신소재공학과 신병하 교수 (T.3315)

Bio & Abstract :

Bio: As the leader of the Emerging Markets and Technologies Team at OCI, Daniel Recht advises

the top management of a multibillion-dollar chemical, materials, and renewable energy company

on how to grow their business by developing and producing new technologies for a sustainable

future. In addition to identifying new opportunities for OCI to pursue internally, Daniel and his team

forge strategic partnerships between OCI and startup companies with innovative technologies.

An accomplished young materials scientist with more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, Daniel obtained

his Ph.D. in applied physics at Harvard University where he led the Harvard Energy Journal Club and

helped design and teach two new courses on energy technology and climate science.

Abstract: The path from engineering research to a commercial product is long and difficult. To make

the struggle worthwhile, it is important to start with a technology idea that satisfies a market need.

In this talk, I will discuss how the Emerging Markets and Technologies Team at OCI uses market insight to

generate and choose technology ideas for further development. I will then use solar photovoltaics as a case

study to demonstrate our approach and suggest some potentially interesting areas for engineering research.


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