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PhD. Qualification Exam Announcement, July 2014


Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

PhD. Qualification Exam Announcement, July 2014



1. Applicant: Ph.D. candidates who have not passed the qualification exam


2. Schedule


Date & Time




July 10 (Thu) - 14 (Mon)

Dept. Office

Serim Kim (x3902)

Written Exam

July 21 (Mon) 10AM

Room 2122


Result Announcement



Results will be notified individually


3. Documents to Submit

     Application (prescribed form)

     Dissertation plan (prescribed form)

     List of published scientific articles (domestic/international) and other research achievements

     Master’s degree transcript



4. Evaluation and distribution:




Written Exam


   Written exam will be set based on the contents of CBE602 <Problem Solving in CBE>.

   Written exam is exempt for those who receive higher grade than B+ in CBE602 (A- for those who took CBE602 in 2013).

Document Evaluation

400 points

  Dissertation Plan

  Published Scientific Articles

  MS Grade

  Other research achievements (conference presentation, patent)



Important Note

Students on leave of absence cannot apply for the qualification exam.

Leave of absence is limited to 2 years (exclusive).

PhD students who entered in 2009 and onward must pass the qualification exam within 1 and a half years of admittance. Integrated MS/PhD degree students calculate the period from the beginning of the Integrated MS/PhD degree program. There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply for the exam. Students of CBE must apply for the qualification exam within 1 year of admittance, or will be considered disqualified.

Students failing to pass qualifying exam within the given period are subject to expulsion.

It is recommended to pass the qualification exam before the proposal screening.


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