Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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PhD. Qualification Exam Announcement, January 2015

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

PhD. Qualification Exam Announcement, January 2015

1. Applicant: Ph.D. candidates who have not passed the qualification exam

2. Schedule


Date & Time




January 6 (Tue) - 9 (Fri)

Dept. Office

Serim Kim (x3902)

Written Exam

January 19 (Mon) 10AM

Room 2122


Result Announcement



Results will be notified individually

3. Documents to Submit

① Application (prescribed form)

② Dissertation plan (prescribed form)

③ List of published scientific articles (domestic/international) and other research achievements

④ Master’s degree transcript

4. Evaluation and distribution




Written Exam


- Written exam will be set based on the contents of CBE602 .

- Written exam is exempt for those who receive higher grade than B+ in CBE602 (A- for those who took CBE602 in 2013).

Document Evaluation

400 points

- Dissertation Plan

- Published Scientific Articles

- MS Grade

- Other research achievements (conference presentation, patent)

※ Important Note

◦ Students on leave of absence cannot apply for the qualification exam.

◦ Leave of absence is limited to 2 years (exclusive).

◦ PhD students who entered in 2009 and onward must pass the qualification exam within 1 and a half years of admittance. Integrated MS/PhD degree students calculate the period from the beginning of the Integrated MS/PhD degree program. There’s no limit to the number of times you can apply for the exam. → Students of CBE must apply for the qualification exam within 1 year of admittance, or will be considered disqualified.

◦ Students failing to pass qualifying exam within the given period are subject to expulsion.

◦ It is recommended to pass the qualification exam before the proposal screening.

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