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2012학년도 가을학기 학사과정 학점인정시험 시행 공고


2012학년도 가을학기 학사과정 학점인정시험 시행 공고



1. 신청기간


2012. 9. 3() 9. 5()까지


2. 신청방법


학점인정시험 납입고지서(학과/전공사무실 학적팀, 교내 우리은행 비치) 교부 받아 수험료를 교내 우리은행에 납부한 영수증 학점인정시험 신청서를 학적팀에 제출


3. 시험기간


2012. 9. 6() 9. 10() 3일간】


4. 시험과목


2012학년도 가을학기 개설교과목으로 담당교수가 인정하는 교과목

(졸업연구, 개별연구, 세미나, 특강, 실험과목 등은 제외)


5. 수험료


금액 : 과목당 20,000

납부장소 : 교내 우리은행

납부기간 : 2012. 9. 3() 9. 5()까지


6. 합격기준


학점인정시험의 합격기준은 B-등급 (환산점수 : 78)이상이어야 하며, 경우, 성적 등급은 학칙 49 1항에 따라 부여함.


7. 시험시간 장소 : 교과목 담당교수와 학생이 협의하여 정함


8. 학점인정시험 관련 문의사항 : 학적팀 ( 2368 : 안인경)



2012. 9.





Undergraduate Course Waiver Exam for Fall Semester 2012



1. Application Period


September 3 (Monday), 2012 September 5 (Wednesday)


2. Application Procedure


Fill out the Course Waiver Exam Payment Bill provided at Department/Division offices, the Academic Registrars Team or Woori Bank on campus => Pay the bill at the Woori Bank => Submit the payment receipt along with the completed Application form to the Academic Registrars Team


3. Exam period


September 6 (Thursday), 2012 September 10 (Monday) Three days


4. Exams available for any courses offered during the Fall Semester 2012 with the instructors approval (except B.S. Thesis Research, Individual Research, Seminar, Special Lectures, Lab courses)


5. Tuition


Amount: 20,000 per course

Payment place: Woori Bank on campus

Payment Period: September 3 (Monday), 2012 September 5 (Wednesday)


6. Passing Criteria


Students will receive a grade for the exam in accordance with Article 49, Section 1 of the KAIST Academic Regulation. And the students with a B- level grade or above (conversion score: 78 point or above ) will obtain credit s for (pass) the corresponding course.


7. Exam Period and Place: will be set after students consult with the corresponding course instructor


8. For further questions: the Academic Registrars Team ( 2368: An In-kyoung)





September 2012


Dean of Academic Affairs





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