Say goodbye to CO2: Prof. Minkee Choi's new adsorbent checks all requirements to capture CO2
Introducing new faculty members of KAIST CBE

KAIST Researchers Receive Three Awards at the 13th Asian Congress on Biotechnology (July 2017)
Sooyeon Cho, a Ph.D. candidate, awarded Young Scientist Award at 2017 eMRS (May 2017)
Professor Minkee Choi appointed as 'ACS Catalysis' Early Career Advisory Board (ECAB) (May 2017)
: ACS Catalysis is the leading journal in the field of catalysts published by the American Chemical Society.
Dr. Hyeong Jun Kim selected as a Padden Award Finalist at 2017 American Physical Society (APS) (March 2017)
Prof. Bumjoon Kim appointed as 'Macromolecules', 'ACS Macro Letters', and 'Chemistry of Materials´ Editorial Advisory Board Member
: Macromolecules and ACS Macro Letters are the most representative journals in the field of polymers and Chemistry of Materials is one of the prestigious journals in the materials research published by the American Chemical Society.
Wonho Lee, a Ph.D. candidate, selected as a Silver Winner of MRS Graduate Student Awards at 2016 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting (December 2016)
Distinguished Professor Sang Yup Lee appointed co-chairman of Biotechnology Future Committee at World Economic Forum (November 2016)